Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy solutions as the name says it simply use the natural resources to satisfy our needs. Wind, Light etc. are used in this principle. The main advantage of this concept is its working without using any electricity.

Edmonds Ventilation

Edmonds Ventilation

This is an Australian designed ventilation ventilation system, specially designed for industries and made of hard and tuff corrosion resistant product with supremely good bearing for smooth functioning. It has been installed in places like ARAMCO, PEPSI, ALMARAI etc.

Giga Tera Led

Floodlight LED’s, LED lamps for factories , ports etc from this reputed Korean brand. We provide this solution too.


This is a specially designed USA patented device which captures light and gives light to your facility. There is not even one single electrical component involved. It can be used in Industries , Warehouses , Homes etc.